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Stylish storage drawer with metal frame, white, 6 boxes per box

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Product Description Holds Llegal size files Extra space saving drawer that stacks up to 5 draw..

Product Description

Holds Llegal size files
  • Extra space saving drawer that stacks up to 5 drawers high
  • Comes in white and made of cardboard
  • Item Dimension: 10"x15"x24"
  • Designed for occassional access of legal sized files
  • Sturdy metal front support frame adds to stability and enhances durability
  • Plastic handle offers comfortable and easy drawer access
  • 6 per carton
  • Guaranteed minimum of 15% post-consumer recycled content

Legal size storage drawer, suitable for occasional use

Store legal size files in metal reinforced cardboard legal size storage drawer, and regularly save the required files in the filing cabinet.

If your company's files are growing faster than the storage area, use this legal size storage drawer to store items that you need to keep but rarely access. These boxes can be stacked up to five layers to save valuable floor space in office or corporate document storage areas.

Temporary Storage

Your file clerk can use these file boxes for temporary storage of files before they move to the long-term storage facility. They are lightweight, so you can use them to transport files from one location to another while eliminating the chance of spilling file contents.

Long-Term Storage of Rarely Accessed Materials

If your company is like most others, you have files you access daily and others you only need occasionally. File storage boxes are a good solution for the later type files. The steel-reinforced boxes are made from recycled materials but strong enough to stack up to five high. They are a less expensive option than investing in more steel file cabinets.

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